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Aaron Blanco Tejedor About Me White Spot In The Darkness


  • Degree in social work by the UPV/EHY university
  • Master Degree in emotional intelligence by the School of Emotional intelligence in Madrid.
  • Online MOOC courses on Neuroscience, Biology, Modern Poetry, Morality…
  • Codirector, graphic designer, journalist and photographer of Korpo Bladet, a small and rural magazine crafted with love, delivered monthly in every household in Korpo.
  • Self-educated in photography, web design, graphic design. I started my own company Ubuntu Productions in 2019.
  • Korpo Kultur Korp 2019, together with Ida. A distinction that is given by the community of Korpo to people that work for the evolution of the culture.


  • From my window (2015). Early solo exhibition in Cinnamon coffelab & urban food, Bilbao. 
  • A love song (2017). Solo exhibition in Hjalmar’s restaurant and pub, Korpo. The final day we did an auction with the works, we sold them all, the benefits of the auction were destined to UNHR & Arena y Esteras (an association in Lima where I was as a volunteer).
  • Essence: the forest, the sea, the garden (2019). Solo exhibition in Hotel Nestor, Korpo. Exhibition funded by sponsors. 
  • Naturen berättar (Nature tells, 2019): A group exhibition in the library of Hanko, on the frame of the Storytelling festival Seaside Stories.
  • Essence (reduced version, 2019). Solo exhibition in La Bottega 13, Helsinki.
Aaron Blanco Tejedor Wedding Photography

Brief description of my life journey

Hola 🖐 my name is Aarón Blanco Tejedor. I was born in 1987 in the small, grey, rainy city of Vitoria/Gasteiz in Northern Spain. Both my parents’ families were immigrants from Western Spain. I had no grandparents and was raised with no religion which was very unique for the time.

I was a happy kid despite not having many friends. Where I grew up, art wasn’t a major focus, but I always felt like it was a part of me.  When I was a teenager I began writing my first poems as a way to express the feelings of a burning love.

As soon as I turned 18, I decided to move to Valencia, a big city on the east coast of Spain, to study computing. It turned into a year and a half of drinking, partying, and way too many McDonald’s burgers.

After that, I moved back to Vitoria, but something had changed. Everything that I thought I was, everything I believed, was lost. I now refer to that time as “the little death”. I was in the middle of an enormous identity crisis.

Living with my family again in Vitoria, I began to study social work. Honestly, I found it quite boring at first, but I had so many amazing teachers that really helped me see how impactful my education could be. They gave me a brand new vision.

At the age of 23, after a couple of years of studying, I moved to Sevilla, in the South. There I met Ida, someone who has supported me on my journey for many years and become the love of my life. After a while, we moved to Salamanca where she lived at the time. That was the beginning of our travels together, living in: Lima (Perú), Ekenäs (Finland), Menorca (Spain), Ajanguiz (Spain), Bilbao (Spain) and finally Korpo, the place where she was born. 

I fell completely in love with this place 😍 I used to consider myself a city person, but the day I discovered life on this small island everything changed. Nowadays I don’t leave this place more than a handful of times a year. This is where my insane passion for photography began.

After writing a few novels and short stories in my early youth, after writing a great number of poems that I published in my blog Insultismo.wordpress.com, after creating a few art videos while living in the mountains in Ajanguiz, it was in Bilbao, just before coming to Korpo, that I grabbed a camera and began to take pictures. I loved it back then, but my real passion started when we moved here. There is something in this nature that calls me to peer into my own nature, and my photography has illustrated that journey every step along the way.

Aaron Blanco Tejedor Wedding Photography

artist statement

My practicing my art helps me get to know myself on a deeper level. Both my poetry/writings and (later) my photography, are reflections of deeply rooted intuitions I hold dear and have become a strong source of meditation for me. As a form of self-exploration, taking pictures means first realizing the internal need for healing oneself through an intimate connection with Nature, and second, it is a way to communicate this healing process to others in order to help them with their own. Through my art, I fully intend to become a servant to the community around me, and ultimately a humble servant for the evolution of human consciousness.

In my work, I capture a distillation of a whole life of study in a diverse range of disciplines such as Social Work, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Poetry, Biology, Meditation, Shamanism, and so on, mixing discoveries from social sciences, pure sciences, and humanities. One also can get a hint of my personal path from living and enjoying big cities, to discovering the countryside and moving to a small island in the Finnish archipelago that took me really close to the forest and the sea. The exploration of these “spaces” in a quiet environment allowed me to dive deeply into my own subconscious and strengthen my connection with my creativity and inspiration.

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about the project

In this video, I explain quite much about the project. Check it out! 

I also admire how you use nature as a symbol of the healing process. […] I appreciate how you included your personal philosophy and experiences with these images, as it conveys how humanity can find solace and healing through looking at the circle of life within nature.” 

Lens Culture Review

10 principles that move my life

Humanity is about helping each other

I did not come into existence to live in permanent stress and anxiety

We belong to Nature, not the other way around

Education is a form of inspiration, not an imposition

My one and only mission as a creative person is to keep the channel open

Everybody is a creative person, but creativity requires cultivation.

“We don’t need more troubles, what we need is love”

We heal by feeling connected to ourselves, to our community and to Nature

I came into existence to cultivate joy, not suffering

Ubuntu: Only when everybody wins, I win

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