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Time to rest

Time to rest is A beautiful Autumn collection of nine photographic prints, selected with care and printed at home with the highest quality standards.

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

White Spot In The Darkness In the Forest

In the forest

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Just Enought Is Plenty

Just enough is plenty

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Time to Rest III


White Spot In The Darkness Prints Time to Rest I

Time to Rest I

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Time to Rest II

Time to Rest II

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Towards a brighter future

Towards a brighter future

White Spot In The Darkness Prints I feel you

I feel you

White Spot In The Darkness Prints Towards A Kinder Future

Towards a kinder future


The prints are a limited edition of 10 (each) in A4 size. The print comes together with a high-quality, white, acid-free passe-partout in a total size of 30x40cm. Check the gallery below to see them.



I have chosen to create this photographic print collection in Hahnemühle German Etching, a German fine art texturized paper that infuses a special life into the works: 310 gsm / 100% α-cellulose / acid- and lignin-free.

Print quality

Al the works of this collection are printed at home to ensure the highest colour accuracy, in a top of the line Epson Surecolor SC P800 printer (link). 



If desired, I delivery the print framed in a high-quality frame made in the European Union. The natural wood option comes with regular glass and the black option comes with an anti-reflection glass. Check the gallery to see them.

Print + passe-partout (30x40cm)

[ 90€ vat included]


Percentage of the price destined to the project

Printing (PAPER + INK)
Taxes (24% VAT)
22 €
Amount destined to the project

Print + passe-partout (30x40cm) + frame 

[ 150€  VAT included]


Percentage of the price destined to the project

Printing (PAPER + INK)
Taxes (24% VAT)
Amount destined to the project

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(frequent asked questions)

Is the delivery included in the price?

Nope. The delivery costs will be added on top of the price of the work. 

Do you ship them to my country?

I am open to deliver the works to wherever you are in the world. I will check the price of the delivery forehand so you know if you can afford it.  

How do I make the payment?

When you fill the form I will get an email with your information. I will answer you as soon as possible and we will agree about the best payment method.

If you are in europe, I normally will send you an invoice and you will make a money transfer to the account indicated in the invoice. 

If you are not in Europe this method can also work. If it does not suit you, then we will find another way to proceed with the payment.

I press the button “buy this work” but nothing happens. What now?

That means that for any reason the form is not working. In that case, please send me an email to dream.h2o@gmail.com (yes, it is a weird email address, I have had it for many years and it is my personal email 😅) and I will get back to you.

How much money of every purchase goes to the collection?

Under the price of each of the series there is a breakdown of the costs and the amount of money that is destined to the solidarity project. I reserve a very small amount to cover the production costs and 24% to pay taxes (VAT), all the rest goes to the fund.

What is A White Spot In The Darkness?

A White Spot In The Darkness literally pretends to be a spot of light for some human in need. We bring together art and solidarity because we believe that both art and solidarity are good in so many ways.

  • Art is good for the person that creates the artwork. And when somebody purchases his/her artwork, the artist feels that somebody is paying attention to the message she/he wants to communicate. That connection is healing.
  • Art is good for the person that purchases it, as it normally brings beauty and color to their lifes.
  • Solidarity is good for the person that receives that bit of help.
  • Solidarity is good for the person that offers that help, as it makes her/ him feel part of something bigger. Everybody loves to help in one way or another.
  • Solidarity is good for the humanity race as a whole, as it brings a positive and optimistic feeling of being together in this journey.
Where is the money going?

This platform is in a very early stage. In my most luminous dreams, I would like to sell millions of artworks per month to be able to help many, many people. 

Right now we are trying to help Reham to escape from Syria. A White Spot In The Darkness was born out of her words. We have been in weekly contact for more than two years. In one of those messages she told me that I was a spot in her darkness. 

Who is behind A White Spot In The Darkness?

Me and my daughter Teresa

My name is Aarón Blanco Tejedor, and you can read much more about me here. I created this platform, this webpage and I take care of most of the responsibilities that comes with it.

I have a degree in Social Work and this is my own and unique way of cultivating my profession. I have always been a very empathic and sensitive person, and I always had very much trouble understanding why there are so many differences and so much suffering in this world.

A White Spot In The Darkness is my effort to bring a sense of hope and togetherness. I think we are all brothers and sisters and we should take care of each other. As Adolf Huxley wrote: “It won’t be peace anywhere, until there is peace everywhere”.

Another essential part of this platform are those artists that decide to donate their artworks in order to offer the profits of their purchases for the cause. I am profoundly grateful to them. 


Why should I trust you?

Thosw who know me know that I am a very simple person. I just want good for people, and there is nothing that money could buy that would make me feel good about using your money for my personal benefit. 

To know more about me go to the tab “who is behind A White Spot In The Darkness”.

10 principles that move my life

Humanity is about helping each other

I did not come into existence to live in permanent stress and anxiety

We belong to Nature, not the other way around

Education is a form of inspiration, not an imposition

My one and only mission as a creative person is to keep the channel open

Everybody is a creative person, but creativity requires cultivation.

“We don’t need more troubles, what we need is love”

We heal by feeling connected to ourselves, to our community and to Nature

I came into existence to cultivate joy, not suffering

Ubuntu: Only when everybody wins, I win