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What a new day

The Story

Early spring in the archipelago. I woked up early to have a moment alone with the sunrise. I walked no more than 500 meters from home in order to find a spot in front of the sea. An there it was, the most beautiful sunrise a person can imagine. 

As you might know already, my photography practice happens in a very intimate connection with my surroundings, that’s why most of my pictures are taken in Korpo, and usually really close from home, as I use to say “where my legs or my bike wants to take me”. I try no to expend gasoline in order to take my pictures, I feel this island is infinite enough that I need no more (for now). This is too another way to cultivate simplicity in my soul.

So I was in front of this breathtaking landscape, everything was calm, the inside and the outside. I focused the lens, I took some pictures and all of them felt too literal to express my feelings. I grabbed the focus ring and placed the scene out of focus. Everything became energy, not form. That image represented in a much precise manner the peaceful feeling I was experiencing inside.

In the same moment that the image was projected on the screen of the camera, I knew that it was a tribute to the new day or in Bob Marley’s words: “Make way for the positive day / ‘Cause it’s a new day”.



[ 555€ ]


  • Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm
  • Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching by The Print Space
  • Mounted in 12mm MDF with black edge
  • Image exhibited on “Essence: the Forest,  the Sea, the Garden / Hotel Nestor & Restaurant Back Pocket / Summer 2019


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