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The Story

There are three elements that are central columns for his work: the story and my interpretation of the picture.

The story: In 2017 we were invited by Maria Serrano to take part in one of her daughters’ graduation party. Maria is a great friend of mine that I met in Ekenäs when Ida and I were living there. With half of her blood Spanish and the other one Finnish, with a Spanish husband and four children, she would become our “Spanish” family in Finland in those first years after arriving here.

Maria has always been surrounded and has always empowered diversity. She has been working for many years as an interpreter in the European Parlament, and she is a wonderful storyteller: she always offers her heart, her beautiful voice and her ability to speak many languages to everyone that needs it.

In that graduation party, it was people from a couple of dozens of cultures around the world. Luckily she asked me to take my camera with me. This picture was taken when Maria was welcoming one of the guests to the event. Lucky me!

My interpretation:

In my profession, a lot of people ask me where I am coming from. If I have time I explain to them that I come originally from that place we call Spain, but that I don’t feel Spanish, I just feel a citizen of the world, a person, a human being… that I don’t see nationalities, I see people, and that the people that are trying to do “good” in this world they are my brothers, no matter where they are coming from. We are just one humanity, and any other category is a limiting factor in the need for commonwealth and peace. Ying yang, unity.



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